[10-11-06]Noginogi Party lv236a by Logue
  • Changed Splash function
  • Reduce Binary size
  • Fix Noginogi icon problem.
[10-10-27]Noginogi Party lv236 by Logue
  • Fix C4 Hamlet Crash.
  • Change Splash Image
[10-10-09] Noginogi Party lv235b by Logue
  • Add Japanese, Korean, Chinese support.
  • Modify Singleton function. Maybe better than stability.
  • Add About dialog. You can check version infomation.
  • Fix could not open Log file and Ini file from Noginogi Party menu in Vista or later OS.
[10-09-29] Noginogi Party lv235a by Logue
  • Fixed CPU reductions could set from INI (Fantasia also has the same bug)
  • The settings file is toooooooo old version. I've Fixed. :X
  • Mabinogi Icon has not change when CPU Reduction Enabled.
    • Default is 90. this means 90% reduce CPU load.
    • When CPU Reduction enabled and minimixed icon become blue.
    • If you not check "only minimized", the icon become green.
    • CPU Reduction function is not enabled, icon become orange.
  • Fix Mss32.dlx is missing!
  • Add Item: CPUReduction, CPUReduction_OnlyMinimized (same as fantasia. but not effects in Fantasia)
[10-09-26] Noginogi Party lv235 by Logue
  • Compled as MSVC2010 and Boost 1.44.0.
  • Redesined Mabinogi Icon. (Blue, Orange Green Black)
  • Customize Combat Strings function.
  • Add Clear Dungeon Fog function.
  • Add CPU Reduction.
  • Added Item: ShowCombatCustomStr, CombatWeakest, CombatWeak, CombatStrong, CombatAwful, CombatBoss