Noginogi Party

Jinsu has been restart to developing Noginogi. Based on Fantasia Patch source code. From this version, Noginogi is hooks Mss32.dll.

The Noginogi Party does not parmit redistribute other site.

1, Before use

DO NOT BUG REPORT WITH "MabinogiErrorReporter" ActiveX. It will known to devCat, that you are using Noginogi Party.

When not agreeing you not agree to this manual, you shoud delete this archive and Noginogi files.

If you already to install Noginogi Party, please read How to remove Noginogi.

2, Noginogi Party Installation

Please put four files included in the compressed file into the installation of Mabinogi. (It is necessary to overwrite the Mss32.dll.)

  • Mss32.dll
  • Mss32.dlx
  • nogiparty.txt
  • nogiparty.ini

If the file has applied at least one, the Mabinogi will not launch.

Typically, Mabinogi installation directory is "C:\Nexon\Mabinogi" or "C:\Program Files\Nexon\Mabinogi".

3, The Noginogi Party function

Third party functions

Talking NPCs while moving
It can move into trade with NPC or a spirit. WARNING: Do not use this functionn when trade to Bank. The problem on which a cheque vanishes is reported.
Noginogi Scouter
This function is visible to numeric combat power. It will like '1300.00 AWFUL'. The CP applied to a player is applied like a monster. This value is not proportional to the level of a character.
Unlimited Party Sign
The continuation time of a party window is created without any restriction. While using this function, a party window does not close by any means.
Item drop protection
When it is going to drop Item, the specified message is displayed and it is no longer dropped immediately. This is no longer immediately dropped regardless of whether to be expensive or not. The message can be change by noginogi.ini.
Show shop price
The purchase price of a store and the selling price of a store are displayed on the tooltip of an item.

General functions

Noginogi Coloring
A character color is changed in accordance with the rule which had the name which comes out when the ALT key is pressed specified. The color used by Noginogi name coloring can be changed by INI. By the default, it is as follows.
Human : Sky blue / Giant : Green / Elf : Pink / NPC : Orange / Monster : Red / Pet : Yellow
Enable self trade
This function can be right-clicked now in its character. An inventory can be arranged now, applying a transaction to itself.
Noginogi alarm
By an INI file, if the time of a game is specified, it will be then notified to a telop. If it is used without setting up individually, it will be displayed for every scheduled time during per hour.
Noginogi durability
The existing duration is also displayed 1000 times and is shown to the degree of durability of a decimal point. A detailed setup of this function can be carried out by an INI file.
Show item color code
The color code of an item can be displayed by an item tooltip. The color code consists of a+RGB hexadecimal codes.
Inventory coloring
A background color is drawn according to the kind of item. The Life Portion becomes red, Mana Portion becomes blue, Stamina Portion becomes yellow, and other portion becomes orange. You can change the detailed color by INI file.
Status extension
Even the 2nd place of a decimal point is displayed in the status of a character window.

Other functions

Use Bitmap font
The TTF font used within a game is compulsorily changed into a Bitmap font. Use of the use function of a bitmap font will reduce the ease of reading of the character in a game.
Enable Prop Targeting
It enables it to set a target by the CTRL key to a prop when battle mode.
Add items with skill key
The shortcut of skill can be used as shortcut of an item.
Zero height fly
Restriction of a low-altitude flight of a flight pet is abolished. Even if it lowers to 0m, from other players, it seems to fly at 10m.
Show Mimic Name
A name tag is displayed even when Mimic has not occurred. If this function is used, a name tag is attached also to Sulfur Golem out of whom the usual name tag does not come.
Show NPC's equip
All the equipment of NPC can be seen.
Show Deadly HP
HP of minus is displayed in a deadly state. This is displayed as shown in 'DEADLY-13 / 60'.

Useful functions

Disable Nighttime
A screen can be made bright by fixing brightness at night to brightness in the evening. Since it is different from change by the weather, it becomes dark when the weather is bad.
Move to same channel
Enable moving to the same channel you are currently on
Talk To Unequipped Ego
Allow conversation with unequipped spirit weapons.
Enable always access to other character bank tab
The item currently deposited with the bank of other characters of the same account also in the extra storage state where it does not join can be seen.
Skip cut scene immediately

Zoom configure

  • This function expands camera's zoom in/out.
  • All extension of the view of zoom-in and zoom out can be performed from an ini file, and the value of a default view can also be set up.
Enable entering remote board
All the bulletin boards, such as a shadow missions bulletin board and a bulletin board of housing, can be opened from a distance. In the case of a shadow missions bulletin board, an order can also be received.
Enable entering remote shop
The personal store from a long distance can be seen. However, a window will not be displayed if it separates too much.
Display all name in vision
The distance limitation of the name of the character displayed on a view is removed, and all are expressed as the ALT key.