Noginogi Party by Jinsu(garang)

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Noginogi Party is not allow to redistribute without Jisu's permission. If you rip Noginogi contained in MabiAssist and redistribute, it will become violation of a license.

lv255 or later, Redistribution is not permitted. However, the direct link to the file of SourceForge is permitted.

Reason: NogiParty result put a password on an archive file, and it became that many people hear the password filled with comments of the game because some people illegally get someone's ID and password.


  • Put Setting file and readme file to nogiparty directory.
  • Multi language support.(Korean, Japanese, Trad/Simpl Chinese, English)
  • Depends Inventory Color Setting File.( such as inventory_color.ini)
  • Add ElfLagFix function.
  • Add NaoSoon function.