Jinsu's Mabinogi Noginogi

Noginogi is developed by Jinsu in Korea. This aplication modifys client DLLs directy. This is a greatly different point from other patches, and even if it upgrades, Modding is made as it is. But HackShield detects this Mod. Jinsu has resigned most development, after HS is introduced with a Korean server. (Once, although there are the Lite version of a HS compatible version, 185, etc., functions are reduced sharply. Moreover, redistribution is not permitted about 180 or later.)

But in 2010, he has been restarted developing named as Noginogi Party, and suporting Mabimods.net. Latest version is 230.(2010/01/26)


  • Moving while talking with NPCs [Kareh]
  • 'will you drop item' check [Lilu]
  • View shop names while parties are hidden [lona]
  • Enable Self-trade
  • NogiNogi Simplify Pets
  • NogiNogi Simplify Transformation
  • NogiNogi Mocha's Simplification
  • Enable Mocha Simplifications
  • Disable Mocha Simplifications
  • Simplify Frames
  • NogiNogi View Durability
  • Mabinogi Extend Zoom
  • Show Minimap in Dungeons
  • Target Mimics and Sulfur Golems
  • Show Character CP
  • NogiNogi Simplify NPCs
  • NogiNogi Simplify Mobs
  • Disable Screenshot watermark
  • Read Data folder First