Memory Patch

In Mabinogi, ijl15.dll is fundamentally hooked by the most general Modding method. Modding of the DLL type was collected on this page.

Mabinogi Memory Patch (ijl15.dll)

Mabinogi Memory Patch (known as ijl15.dll) is developed by nbcool (chris & syoka & alan) in China. This mod is most populer whitch able to read data directory. But English client and Korean client can't use. It detects by HackSheild. But Chinese and Japanese client is still usable. The source code is released in the past. (GPL Licence) However, this sauce is a system which hooks d3d9.dll, and differs from the present thing. This source code is used in Noginogi and Fantasia.


  • Set Read Data Folder First
  • Enable Control the CPU Usage in menu
  • 1000 times of player's ability.
  • Show the details price of item.
  • Show the combet power value with the name
  • Show Chinese Combat Script
  • Cancel the end AD display
  • 1000 times of item truly duarbility value.
  • Remote open player's shop
  • Modify Zoom Limit
  • Set No fog of MiniMap in Dungeon.
  • Enhance lamplight in night .
  • Enable FSAA (full scene anti-alias)
  • enable CopyRight string display in the Snapshot, 0 means to not diplay.
  • Change screenshot Quality

Fantasia Patch

Fantasia Patch is developed by spr33. Based on older Mabinogi Memory Patch source code ( By HS, since it became impossible to use an Mabinogi Memory Patch, Spr33 began development. It broke through HackShield at last around September, 2009. But He has stopped developing and released the source code at 2009/10/9. Development was inherited to tyne's MAMP.


  • Load data from Data folder before loading from pack files.
  • Block the popup ads on game exit.
  • Clear fog of war on dungeon minimaps.
  • Cause daylight appearance between the hours of 18:00 and 4:00.
  • Enable full-screen antialiasing.
  • Enable coloring of ALT names based on character type.
  • Enable opening of player shops from a distance.
  • Allow logging out or exiting the game while talking to NPCs.
  • Modify the maximum zoom distance (1~5000).
  • Enable moving to the same channel you are currently on
  • Modify the quality of screenshots.
  • Show combat power numerically.
  • Show the shop purchase and selling price in item descriptions.
  • Show item durability with 1000x precision.
  • Show food quality numerically.
  • Allow conversation with unequipped spirit weapons.
  • Enable CTRL-targeting props while in combat mode.
  • Use bitmap fonts instead of vector fonts to prevent window lag.

LBG Memory Patch

LBG is developed by CedricOdin & Lays. Based on Fantasia source code. This mod is the structure which specialized in the Chinese bloc.

This Mod is used by 小寶版布丁.

Feature :

  • Show Chinese Combat Script

Mabinogi Advanced Memory Patch (MAMP)

MAMP is developed by tyne based on fantasia source code. The following functions were added from fantasia.

  • Disable Mimic / Sulfur Golem Sleep Mode (Enable Targeting)
  • Remove Nao Appearance Delay in Rebirth Stage
  • Remove Party Sign Time Limit
  • Show Negative HP

However, this mod cannot use English client by the latest update. Now, this mod used in Japanese and Korean client.