MabiPacker is a tool for generating a Mabinogi *.pack file. By using this tool, you can apply the Mod without making modifications to the client.

Slightly faster than MabiPackageTools or mabiunpack...



  1. Fill in the fields on the data directory where you want to pack. Button on the right, the directory selection dialog will appear.
  2. Enter the the following fields the destination of the Pack file.
  3. Enter the version number. Put a new number than the current launcher basically. However, Mod could result in failure by the patch is high, please put the current number.
  4. Click Execute.
  5. Package into the directory of Mabinogi a pack file was generated. Alternatively, please be sure to read-only attribute.

Package Browser


PackageBrowser is a Package file browsing tool interface similar to Mabiunpack. However, unlike those of mabiunpack, you can preview and sound as well as dds.

PackageBrowser will start directly when you associated with this application extension *.pack.

Command Line Usage

MabiPacker is able to use by command line. Parameters are following. Pack and Unpack Judgment of the value of the processing of Packing and Unpacking /input switch, to determine whether a directory or file in.

/input(Required.) When this value is file, MabiPacker's judgment is Unpack. Otherwise Pack.
/output(When packing is required.) Output directory. If you omit this when you unpack, you are in the Package output directory of Mabinogi.
/version(When packing is required.) Version Number.
/levelCompression Level. Packing only. default value is -1 (Auto)
Unpack language.pack to Mabinogi's data directory.
MabiPacker /input C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\Package\language.pack
Compress and Pack C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\data directory, and set version to 999, export to Mabinogi's Package directory.
MabiPacker /input C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\data /output C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\Package\custom.pack /version 999 /level 9



  • Generated pack files will be deleted by the client in default. To prevent this, you must either use a custom launcher like MabiLauncher Plus, PowerPatcher, or *.pack files to read-only attribute.
  • When creating a pack multiple files please note the version. If the same version, whose names will be read only young.
  • Unpack function does not supports get file time of packed file... (MabinogiResource.Net side problem) fixed


If it does not work (such as DLL is missing), please install following frameworks.



  • Rebuild MS Visual Studio 2013
  • Update zlib 1.2.8
  • Drop support Windows XP. (for .net Framework 4.5 reason)
  • Fixed SEHException error.
  • Fixed Pack Bug.
  • Add binary browser function.
  • Update
  • Add Package file browser function. UI is same as MabiUnpack. You can preview xml, txt, dds, png, wav, jpeg file.
  • Fixed Unpack Bug.
  • Fixed WorkerWindow is not update.
  • Add D&D Unpack function. (same as mabiunpack.exe, but you can choose directory.)
  • Add timestamp to unpacked file.
  • Add translation.
  • Fixed a bug of the file directory structure was wrong pack. (Although there is no obstacle to work)
  • Fix the problem at unpack.
  • Add Compression level option
  • Add Unpacker but still buggy. maybe create directory function.
  • Fixed a bug in the data directory becomes double.
  • First Release.