MabiLauncher Plus


MabiLauncher Plus is Light weight custom Mabinogi launcher. Multi-language support in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.


  • You can download a package of other countries. For example, you could be playing things like put a language.pack of your country of Korea data.
  • Japanese Hangame client and Chinese client can auto login.
  • There is no need to add a read-only attribute to the package file that you generated in MabiPacker.
  • Operation is so light does not open the page of official information.
  • Unlike PowerPatcher, it can also be used in an environment other than North America. (After all, it is a catalyst for development.)


  1. Backup original Mabinogi.exe (Rename to _mabinogi.exe etc)
  2. Put extracted files to Mabinogi Directory.
  3. Execute Mabinogi.exe


  • Auto Login function is usable for Japanese Hangame client and Chinese client only. However, you should know what it means to use this feature.
  • If CrackSheild has been installed, and start automatically detect.
  • Patcher function is still unstable. May crash when you start the patcher to switch the locale in particular.
  • Do not overwrite mabinogi.exe. Replace before backup mabinogi.exe!


Launcher is busy. It takes time to be able to operate from the start
This is because you are going to read patch.txt on the server in preparation for when the game server IP has changed. If heavy will naturally slow server that is placed patch.txt.
Not start, with alert sound.
There is a possibility that the configuration file is corrupt. Please delete the configuration file exists C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Logue .

  • Rebuild MS Visual Studio 2013
  • Set to launch application requires Administrator permission.
  • Fixed Command line option was not working. (for Hangame and Chinese client)
  • Saved password will encrypted.
  • Change Unzip process to ZipStorer for Windows XP's shell32.dll bug.
  • Fix a typo
  • Redesigned
  • Add About tab.
  • Add connect to local feature. (For Aura?)
  • Add Tooltip
  • Fixed when patch successfully local version does not effected.
  • Add Locale selector
  • Redesigned to form
  • Add Official Info
  • Fixed patcher.
Initial Release