Change Log

3.9.4 (2012/02/23)
  • Minor Bug Fix.
  • Remove NaoTimer. This DLL does not works under the HS.
  • Remove not working memory patch (such as NGC, MNG, Metis Plug) and Change current memory patch to Jinsu's Noginogi Arihin.
  • Add NabiPack. Cause NogiArihin does not support read from data foldar function.
3.9.3 (2012/02/18)
  • Add NogiArihin Patch (thanks to Jinsu)
  • Update Memory Patch
    languageold versionnew version
    English, KoreanMNG Memory Patch v4.0 privateNogiArihin v4.0.0
    S.Chinese, T.ChineseNGC Memory Patch v1.8.3Metis Plug v1.0.1.5
    JapaneseNGC Memory Patch v1.8.3
  • Fixed tailoring mod does not effect.
3.9.2 (2011/12/22)
  • Update NGC Memory Patch v1.8.3 (Japanese and T.Chinese client only)
  • Change S.Chinese Memory patch to MNG v4.0 private.
3.9.1 (2011/10/25)
  • Change File Hosting site to DropBox.
  • Update NGC Memory Patch
  • Add Mabinogi:JAP Patch (Mabinogi Assist Edition)
  • Add Hide Copyrite Mod
3.9.0 (2011/09/29)
  • Update Memory Patch
    languageold versionnew version
    English, KoreanRapsody Patch (By Tylian)MNG Memory Patch v4.0 private
    Japanese, S.Chinese, T.ChineseNGC Memory Patch v1.6.5NGC Memory Patch v1.8.1
  • Maybe NaoTimer works NA and Korean Client.
  • Custom map auto update function Add!
  • Add belfast Simplify mod.
  • Depends Custom font mod.
  • Add Pet Effect Fix Mod.
  • Update Memory Patch (Japanese and Chinese only)
  • Changed Installer program to Unicode NSIS-2.46.2 UltraModernUI.
  • Revived some of the Mod.
  • Update terrain texture mod.
  • Update Iria simplify mod.
  • Add Avon Simplify mod.
  • Add Half-trasparent NPC dialogue Mod.
  • Update Cut Transform mod.
  • Set default to Discovery mod.
  • Update Tailteen Simplify Mod.
  • Update Memory Patch
    languageold versionnew version
    English, KoreanFantasia Patch ModRapsody Patch (By Tylian)
    Japanese, S.Chinese, T.ChineseNGC Memory Patch v1.6.5NGC Memory Patch v1.6.7.2
  • Fix instalation terminate error in Japanese.
  • The file which becomes the violation of copyright of Nexon is deleted. (MultiBootfix.exe)
  • Optimized MabiAssist script. I think that time has stopped taking so much to starting.
  • The framework currently used by MabiAssist is updated to Dojo 1.5. The design has changed.
  • Fix save bug
  • Changed Current Memory Patch
    languageMemory Patch Name
    Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified ChineseNGC Memory Patch by Cedric Odin)
    English, KoreanFantasia Memory Patch Mod by Tylian
  • Update custom maps. (English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)
  • Changed custom font.
    languageold versionnew version
    EnglishBus AccidentWhite Rabbit
    JapaneseUme Plusゆかりんフォント
    KoreanN/A은 자모 소라
    Traditional ChineseN/A台大粗圓體
    Simplified ChineseDFPShaoNvW5-GB (Not Changed. same as 海豚小站's Mabinogi Patch Tools)
  • Update custom maps. (Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean)
  • Update ijl15.dll(Simplified Chinese only)
  • Fix mmSeq problem (Japanese and Chinese only)
  • Fix install directory crash.
  • Update Noginogi Party to 233b.
  • Disable HS function Japanese and Chinese client.
  • Fix uninstaller Bug.
  • Update Noginogi Party to 232a. This fix is TimeAlerm clash.
  • Change current memory patch to Jinsu's Noginogi Party
  • Update MabiAssist.hta
  • Update English Custom map.
  • Change Traditional Chinese memory patch to LBG Memory Patch.
  • Update Simplified Chinese memory patch.
  • Update MultiPatch. but not running in Japanese client.
  • Update mmSeq (Japanese only)
  • Update 3MLE. Tuba fix.
  • Remove Noginogi auto lunch.
  • Add icon to tab.
  • Change NA memory patch to fixed fantasia.
  • Update Chinese memory patch.
  • Change Mabinogi Assist distribute url to this site.
  • Update
  • Japanese and Korean is not changed.
  • Change to distribute site to