-Knocked my socks off with knwoeldge!
+*Noginogi Party by Jinsu(garang) [#ea05bee3]
+:Official Site / Download|
+-http://party.neko.kr/ - Original Version
+-http://sf.net/projects/mabiassist/files/Noginogi%20Party%20Logue%20Build/ - Logue Version (Development stopped)
+-http://hellsonic.tistory.com/ - Hellsonic Build (recommend)
-Knocked my socks off with knwoeldge!
+:Change Log|
+--[[日本語>http://forum.logue.be/index.php/topic,495.0.html]] - Epilogue Forum
+--[[English>http://mabimods.net/index.php/topic,2203.0.html]] - Mabimods.net
+--[[简体中文>http://www.yydzh.com/read.php?tid=840541]] - YY大杂烩
+*Notice [#ec1590c4]
+%%Noginogi Party is not allow to redistribute without Jisu's permission.%%
+%%If you rip Noginogi contained in MabiAssist and redistribute, it will become violation of a license.%%
+lv255 or later, Redistribution is not permitted. However, the direct link to the file of SourceForge is permitted.
+Reason: NogiParty result put a password on an archive file, and it became that many people hear the password filled with comments of the game because some people illegally get someone's ID and password.
+*Roadmap [#r58432fe]
+-Put Setting file and readme file to nogiparty directory.
+-Multi language support.(Korean, Japanese, Trad/Simpl Chinese, English)
+-Depends Inventory Color Setting File.( such as inventory_color.ini)
+-Add [[ElfLagFix>http://mabimods.net/index.php/topic,3472.100.html]] function.
+-Add NaoSoon function.
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